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  • ringwood

    1-26 Ringwood House Housing

    The works comprised of but were not restricted to the following: -

    Internally the communal areas of the block were decorated, emergency lighting was installed and the property entrance doors were replaced with FD30′s. Asbestos Removal was carried out to the Drying Areas in the block. The loft hatches were upgraded and fire exit signs were installed.

    Externally decorations were carried out alongside the removal of moss from the roof, gutter replacement in areas, concrete repairs to the communal areas, spot pointing, ivy removal, asphalt renewal and expansion joints were carried out as well as lime scale removal from brickwork.

  • newc

    Newcomen Road Site Housing

    The works to Newcomen Road Site comprised of:

    - Scaffolding system sufficient / suitable for the full access to all of the external fabric of all buildings and roofs
    - External fabric repairs to concrete balconies and walkway structures
    - Renewal of asphalt finishes to communal walkways and private balconies
    - Structural concrete repairs and anti-corrosion treatments
    - Railing replacement to communal walkways
    - External decorations
    - Internal decorations to communal areas
    - Replacement doors to property entrances, shed doors and shed store areas and electrical cupboards
    - Fire upgrade works including the installation of emergency lighting and emergency exit signage in order to comply with relevant legislation

  • Butcher Street

    2 – 16 (Evens) Butchers Street Housing

    The works comprised of the following:-

    General repair and decoration to communal areas, including concrete repairs, brickwork repairs, asphalt renewal to the external communal walkway, installation of emergency lighting and railing replacement to the communal walkway. Access was also provided to allow for inspection of the roof and clearance of rainwater goods.

  • 96

    96 Shadwell Road Housing

    The works comprised of the following:-

    - Internal refurbishment to include new kitchen, sanitary ware, internal decorations including flooring, electrical works, installation of new heating system and removal of redundant system and installation of fire alarm

    - Internal reconfiguration of internal walls

    - External works included demolition of existing extension and construction of new, replacement flat roof and replacement external windows and doors.

  • courts

    The Courts Estate Housing

    The works comprised of the retrospective structural steel support frames to existing precast concrete stair sections in the communal stair and lift towers at Crown Street, King Albert Court, Lords Court, Lord Street and Wimpole Court all based within Portsmouth.

  • GE

    Grafton & Estella Housing

    The works comprised of the balcony repairs to two large, detached, seven storey blocks of residential flats (189 separate dwelling units within blocks E-J Estella Road and 119 separate dwelling units in Grafton Street blocks A-D).

  • finch

    Finchdean Houses Healthcare, Housing

    The works comprised of external repairs to stonework and brickwork to the buildings known as Finchdean House 1 and Finchdean House 2.
    The overall works also included: -

    Roof Repairs
    General Works

  • Admiral

    Admirals Wood Healthcare, Housing

    The works consisted of four new bungalows for people with Learning Disabilities on two former Hospital Sites. The works involved the erection of a two bed, a four bed and two seperate three bed specialist bungalows. The scheme also included hard and soft landscaping, car parking and boundary treatment. The works were phased

  • goring

    Gerard & Loring House and Conan Road Garages Housing

    The works comprised of the supply and installation of rain screen cladding of existing concrete communal walkway upstands at second floor level to Gerard House and Loring House, this also included concrete repairs, asbestos removal, electrical works to communal areas, works to the flat roof, replacement composite doors, curtain walling, handrails, fencing and decoration.

    Conan Road Garages works comprised of timber fascias, door frames and also works to the flat roof and decoration.

  • photo2

    Marshfield House Housing, Public and Community

          Works at Marshfield House included the following: General external and communal repair and decoration including concrete repairs, re-asphalting on private balconies, re-roofing the stair towers and garage blocks and fencing removal and replacement. Additionally the areas  clad in tile hanging were replaced like for like or with either a rain screen cladding […]